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Remilyn FAQ Sheet
How To Use Remilyn
Remilyn w/ CarTCell®

Remilyn contains a proprietary mixture
of glycosaminoglycans, mesenchyme and CNS specific growth factors.

Features and Benefits:

* Proprietary cell extracts providing glycosaminoglycans with proven MMp inhibition activity.
* Cell signaling proteins to help maintain healthy nerve cell functions*.
* Rejuvenating effect in enhancing the healing and repair of damaged or slow-to-heal tissues*.
* Organ-specific signaling factors and molecules.
* cGMP compliant.
* Preservative free, 100% natural.

Patented Molecular Extraction Process:

Atrium Biotechnologies, in collaboration with its parent company Æterna Laboratories, has developed a patented biotechnological process to isolate and concentrate protein molecules in their natural state. This process allows for selection of desired molecules according to their size and weight. Once the desired fraction of molecules is concentrated, they are bottled under aseptic conditions. The product is flash-frozen immediately after bottling and is shipped frozen to retain its freshness, potency and bioavailability. The end product is a 100% natural, concentrated fresh molecular compound of the highest possible bioavailability. This patented process can be applied to different natural source materials depending on what types of molecules are desired.

Remilyn Components:

Remilyn contains three patented fresh-cell extracts combined in a scientific formula. The tissue specific growth factors are highly bio-available and of the highest quality on the market today.

CarTCell®(LCE or CTC) is enriched with a specific fraction of molecules called glycolsaminoglycans. One of the major benefits of this proprietary extract is its ability to inhibit MMp activity, thus maintaining healthy nervous fibers by preventing myelin degradation. CTC is proven bioavailable in humans.

NatCell® CNS (Central Nervous System) is a liquid molecular extract from porcine source. Cell signaling and growth factors may support healthy nervous system functions*.

NatCell® Mesenchyme is a liquid molecular extract from foetal porcine source, composed of pluripotential cells, also known as mesenchymal stem cells. These cells have the ability to become almost any kind of cell. During embryonic development, these cells form various organs such as the liver, stomach or kidney and tissues such as connective and nervous system tissues, etc. Invitro essays have established that the molecular fraction of NatCell Mesenchyme increases cellular metabolism. Thus, bio-available molecular extract of mesenchyme may be a nutritional support to maintain homeostasis.

In-vitro Trials:

The following in vitro study demonstrates that NatCell® Mesenchyme is biologically active and capable of improving aerobic respiration in fibroblasts while negligibly affecting their proliferation. This biological activity is of primary importance in Remilyn. Thus, this nutritional supplement will be of support where an increase in cellular metabolism may be beneficial.

1-Bayne, T. (2000) Live protein therapy in the management of liver disease. Townsend Letters for Doctors & Patients. June: 79-80. 2-Clinical studies on file at Atrium Biotechnologies Inc.

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Remilyn FAQ Sheet
How To Use Remilyn
Remilyn w/ CarTCell®
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